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Bio Green Pre Balance Cracker

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Bio Green Pre Balance Cracker

Adopted traditional stone baked method with natural infra-

red, without electronic ions, thus producing healthier and

tastier crackers. This nutritious and high fibre cracker

comes in small packaging, easy to consume and convenient.

Benefits: It is free from artificial colourings, flavourings

or preservatives. Special formulation with added

oligosaccharides to prevent constipation and enhance immune


 Stone Baked!

 Contains Oligosaccharide (Prebiotic) are non-digestible

parts of foods that can promote the growth of beneficial

bacteria in the intestines, thus improving digestive health.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Wheatgerm, Wheat Bran, Soy Lecithin

(GMO Free), Organic Carrot, Wild Green Seaweed, Brewer Yeast,

Oligosaccharide, Black Sesame, White Sesame, Corn Flour (GMO

Free), Vegetable Oil, Sea Salt, Baking Powder, Yeast.


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