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Sassy Teething Feeder Replacement Bags

Item Code : 30022

RM 16.90


Sassy Teething Feeder Replacement Bags (4 pack)

Sassy Teething Feeder Replacement Bags provide a great way for

babies to explore new flavors and build new tastes. These bags

are effective in feeding babies fresh fruits and whole foods. A

portion of the bag handle can be filled with water to keep food

chilled for a longer period. There is a convenient storage cap

that preserves freshness of food during travel. The tiny mesh

in the bags reduces choking hazards.

Why You'll Love It: These bags are great for teething babies.

Age: 6 months and up

•Comes with a storage cap for maintaining freshness of foods
•Only to be used with the Sassy Teething Feeder
•Comfortable grip, user friendly, durable and portable


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