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Autumnz Baby Ring Sling *Tangerine*

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*Embrace your baby the natural way with Autumnz Baby Ring Sling*

Safe, comfortable and easy to use, Autumnz Baby Ring Sling allows you to bond with your baby in style.

•Customised rings that lock and grip better
•Breathable and soft fabric - suitable for hot tropical climate (100% cotton)
•Lightly padded shoulder strap for better comfort and support
•Soft leg padding to cushion baby's thighs
•Convenient pockets to keep small articles
•Compact & lightweight
•One size fits all
•Multiple carrying positions allowed

Allowed carrying positions:
•Tummy-to-tummy Style
•Cradle Hold Style
•Kangaroo Style
•Hip Carry
•Piggy-Back Style

Suitability :- from newborn (~3.5 kg) till independence (~12 kg)

ATTENTION: Before using the ring sling, please read accompanying Safety & User Guide enclosed in the packaging.


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