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Buds Everyday Organics Everyday Baby Cream 75ml

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Organic cream which smells nice and is gentle on baby's skin - 75ml

Support your growing baby's skin with this rich and protective cream. The luxurious base of Shea Butter and Jojoba, Sunflower, Macadamia and Sesame Oils is packed with combination of calming Aloe Vera, anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E, hydrating Fructan and Portulaca extract to promote skin regeneration.

How to Use

Pamper and soothe your new baby applying a generous amount of our new baby cream with gentle strokes. Sneak in a quick massage if your baby is the patient type or just apply from head to toe if he's more of the impatient explorer.

Product Description

For Everyone

At Buds we feel that a more responsible and organic lifestyle doesn’t have to be a luxury enjoyed only by the privileged. Hence, attainability is something we have striven towards, and achieved.

Preservative Free

Preservatives present in most toiletries are designed to kill bacteria and fungi. However, few realise that they can potentially kill cells as well. Some companies, upon discerning this, turn to plant derived alcohol which is very drying to the skin, as a preservative. We have chosen to up the ante by creating totally preservative free products. We extend our products shelf life through intelligent pairings of ingredients which serve to preserve each other.

Certified Organic by ECOCERT

To prove our commitment to being organic, Buds Organics products are inspected and approved by ECOCERT, one of the most highly regarded certifying boards. ECOCERT’s esteemed international reputation stems from its long history of impartiality, objectivity and a wealth of experience in upholding ethics and promoting organic products. This coveted certification is only granted to those sufficiently devoted to pursuing truly organic status.

Expire Aug/2017


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