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Bonlife Organic Bonmil Step 3(1-3year)800g

Item Code : 9555037120937

RM 77.50

Description: Bonmil 3+ is certified organic formulated milk
specially for growing children of ages 3 years and above in
accordance to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and
Ministry of Health (MOH) international standards. Bonmil 3+
is fortified with an essential balance of nutrients, protein,
vitamins and minerals for healthy development, resistance and
digestion. Bonmil 3+ is essentially important because it
contains Nucleotides, AA and DHA in proportions suitable for
brain development crucial to a child’s growth. Bonmil 3+
contains No GMO, No Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, No
Antibiotics, No Colouring, No Artificial Flavour, No added
fillers or Conditioners and No Preservatives. It is the ideal
organic food for your child.


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