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Pigeon Children Toothgel Grape 45g

Item Code : 4902508782074

RM 16.00

PIGEON Children’s Toothgel is co developed with Dr Rashid Tahir,
President of Society of Paediatric Dentistry Singapore to effectively
prevent decay in children’s tooth with better protection and cleansing
ability as children graduate from baby food to solid food.
It is made with dentist recommended level of 1,000 ppm fluoride which
helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities, while having low
foaming properties for an easy use.
The unique formula provides a dual function by providing strong cavity
resistance on the outer surface and protecting against bacterial activity
in the mouth.
-Suitable for 12 months and above
-Formulation was codevelopedwith Dr Rashid Tahir, President ofSociety of Paediatric Dentistry Singapore
-Contains Food Grade Ingredients so that it is safe for babies
-Available in GRAPE and NATURAL flavours
- Free from colourants and SLS
- Contains 1,000ppm of fluoride as recommended by Dr Rashid Tahir
- Low foaming formulation makes it easy to rinse off


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