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Product Details

Lucky Baby Sippy-Buddy Adjustable Strap

Item Code : 8888726603482

RM 15.90

Fastens baby bottles, cup & accessories to strollers, carseats, etc
The sippy buddy adjustable strap push button buckles allows you to safely, quickly and easily secure any size baby bottle, sippy cup and other baby accessories to car seats, strollers, bike seats, shopping carts, high chairs. The sippy buddy helps keep floor germs, bacteria and dirt off your children's items.
Button Buckle : Keeps little hand from removing it
Durable : Soft, silk durable fabric with fashionable/adorable design
Secure: Non-slip material on the back of fabric keeps cup secure
No more picking up : Hold on to any baby bottles, cups, snack cups, etc
Adjustable : Easily adjust length with slide buckle to attach anywhere


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